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Worcester County Business Lawyers

Focused on Small and Family Owned Businesses

At Walckner Law Office, we believe in local businesses.  We want to help you overcome the legal challenges you face.  By providing cost-effective proactive legal services, Walckner Law Office strives to put small and medium sized businesses on a level playing field with large corporations with seemingly endless resources and in-house counsel.

We help you make every decision an informed decision by encouraging regular communication between attorney and client.  This provides you the opportunity to evaluate the legal risks inherent in business transactions before mistakes are made.  

Proactive Business Law Services

Many people think when a business has a legal problem, it means that the business is being sued.  But legal problems start long before a complaint is actually filed in court.  A law suit is a symptom of a legal problem, not the legal problem itself. 

At Walckner Law Office, we know the best way to protect your business is by taking a proactive approach to legal challenges and guard against legal liability in a number of key areas.  
We work with you to determine legal weaknesses and assess potential problems within your business.  Our business attorneys review key documents and records, analyze compliance with various laws and regulations, and review outstanding contracts, among other things.

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