Internal Investigations

Businesses may occasionally face circumstances that necessitates a look inward.  Unfortunate, but not uncommon concerns such as employee theft and self-dealing by partners may present themselves.  More commonly, businesses face allegations of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying among employees.   Companies are well-advised to promptly investigate these types of issues immediately after learning of them.  Investigations should always be conducted if allegations are made or a complaint is filed.

Attorney Walckner has extensive experience in this regard.  Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a police detective.  Attorney Walckner interviewed hundreds of people in the course of numerous criminal and administrative investigations.  He completed advanced interview training from Reid & Associates and over 1,000 hours of other specialized training in areas such as statement analysis and financial crime investigation.  This experience coupled with an understanding of the legal and business interests at hand makes Attorney Walckner your best resource for investigating internal issues.  Information obtained in the course of these investigations is protected by attorney-client privilege, attorney work product, and as information gathered in anticipation of litigation.  Internal investigations in the corporate sense seek to (1) identify information that supports the position of the business and (2) uncover the truth, so business leaders can accurately identify and resolve concerns within the organization.