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Client-centered approach instead of traditional problem-focused


The client should ALWAYS set the goal...the lawyer should develop and execute a plan to accomplish client objectives. Too often, lawyers assume they understand the client's goals; however, objectives widely vary between individuals.  Sometimes it's important to a client to fight no matter the odds, other times it may be more important to mitigate costs and get out of a problem quickly with minimal expense.  To understand this, the attorney and client must establish and maintain clear lines of communication.

Accessibility - Transparency - Never Put On Hold


Clients are able to communicate with their attorney via an online portal with app feature to securely send messages and documents.   Clients are never put on hold and never passed over to a junior attorney.

No Rip Off Promise


  • Ethical, accurate, and detailed billing.
  • NO TRIPLE BILLING (copying other attorneys in the same firm on the same email to increase the client's bill).

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